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House of Celestina is a brilliant escape game that can keep you on the edge of your chair. You have been kidnapped and find yourself in the house of the evil Celestina. Why are you there and what are her plans? You must move around the house and try to escape – be wary as Celestina, and her vicious pet may spring upon you at any moment! See if you can survive this creepy game and escape with your life!

Website https://web.facebook.com/Ricreator-338695600088436

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The full game You can play the full game for free only here   https://www.crazygames.com/game/house-of-celestina

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract click the icon to lunch the game have fun! Only for window only because i don't have mac to build the game. You can support me on patreon . 

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract click the icon to lunch the game have fun!


HouseofCelestina.zip 27 MB

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I got your message and tried it on gamejolt too but same problem, the move controls almost do not work.  However the web version seems to work.  did you try the game as a download first?  games run smoother when you don't use a web browser but the move controls are an issue for the downloadable one.


I am sorry for my harsh words down there, I'll give a review.

House of Celestina is a poorly made game and also a poor excuse for a game. It's got VERY FAMILIAR CHARACTERS. Anyway all you do is walk around in a, I think, supposed to be scary house while you get nonstop jumpscared. There is a huge problem. I think the spider guy is meant to just attack you. Also something I almost forgot, the music on the title screen is stock music because the developer is too lazy to make something himself. I'm 13, and I could make some good music, surprised this guy can't.

Another thing that is pretty bad is the grammar, no offense but sometimes I found it hard to understand what it was saying. I find it annoying when I pick up...I dunno, a note. The note always ends up being really badly written with super bad grammar. 

Celestina is obviously just a really badly modeled version of Slendrina. I know DVloper puts a spider in his game but I forgot what it's called. DVloper created an interesting character with an interesting backstory, here, Celestina has no back story. Celestina is just here because she is here. There is literally no point in adding Celestina unless you give a proper story for her.

HUUUUUGE problem I had was the jumpscares. Jumpscares scare nobody anymore. It's 2019 and nobody uses subtlety like, lets say...Silent Hill. Silent Hill managed to be scary because of your characters backstory, the music, and the subtlety. You have no clue when the enemy will come around a corner or anything. The bossfights are extremely tense, and somewhat difficult. Indie devs never use subtlety or have bossfights that make me want to keep playing. The fact this game has you defenseless kind of ruined it for me, it'd be better if you had a thing to knock Celestina down or something.

Now the final problem....Looking at Celestina. Celestina is Slendrina, but can kill you in under a second. She is so stupid because she teleports behind you, disappears...and than does it literally a second later. She gets so annoying, and she could be an original character. Slenderman is dead and so is Slendrina.

Anyway, I'm trying to help you, don't add jumpscares in your game, make original characters, add subtlety, make it quiet, make me anticipate a monster coming up. This game has potential, but there isn't much at all. I went in expecting it to be alright, but it was pretty bad. Make music. If you don't know how, just pay for someone to do it. Weapons can be added, so you could stun Celestina. I hope you do that one.  I dunno, add a bossfight if you want. I don't even know why I said that. That's all I gotta say.

Hope this helped.

now that was a review, as harsh as it was will help the developer to better his skills. As a developer its allway good to take in harsh reviews. Please have a go at Ash Aylum. I would love to know what you think of it. P.s  I have grammar mistakes in my game as well but will be fixing them. https://taintedgames.itch.io/ash-asylum

Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out :D

"You must move around the house and try to escape" well, theres problem A. You can't. Other than reading the note (and you will die whilst doing so), you can't do anything else. there is a walking audio when trying to move, but you will never actually move, and from everything i tried, nothing other than the note can be clicked/selected from that spawn location.